How-To | Adjust the Oven Deck Setpoints

June 29th, 2023
Romane Baudin
Read Time: 7 minutes
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How-To | Adjust the Oven Deck Setpoints

June 29th, 2023
Romane Baudin
Read Time: 7 minutes

Hello fellow bakers! 

At Simply Bread, we consider baking as an art; it requires precision and careful attention to detail. Whether you're a professional in the kitchen or just starting out, achieving the perfect bake can sometimes be a challenge. One crucial factor that plays a significant role in the baking process is the temperature distribution within your oven. 

In this article, we'll explore how to adjust your Simply Bread oven setpoints, to achieve the perfect baking results. 

First of all, you will need to access the oven setpoints settings from your oven menu. 

S T E P #1

The first step is to go to the settings of your oven, by pressing and holding the C/F knob located on the right side of your oven panel.

S T E P #2

Once the screen displays the settings menu, rotate the knob clockwise to scroll down to "Setpoints". Once this section is highlighted, press the C/F knob to select it.

S T E P #3

From there, you will be presented with 4 different options: "Deck 1", "Deck 2", "Deck 3", and "Bottom Stone %". Select the one that you would like to modify by rotating the knob clockwise until your chosen option is highlighted. Then, press the C/F knob to select it.

S T E P #4

The screen will now display the current percentage of the setpoint that you selected. If you’d like to increase that percentage, rotate the knob clockwise; if you wish to decrease it, rotate the C/F knob counterclockwise. Once your screen is displaying your desired percentage, press the knob to save your selection. Your screen will now return to the Setpoints page shown in Step #3.

S T E P #5

Repeat Step #3 & #4 until you have adjusted all your setpoints as desired.

S T E P #6

Once you are satisfied with your settings, rotate the knob counterclockwise and select "Exit". This will take you back to the main menu. To exit the settings menu, rotate the C/F knob counterclockwise until “Exit” is highlighted again. Press the knob to select it. Your display will return to the homepage. You just learned how to adjust your oven setpoints for even baking! 

To help you better understand when and how to adjust your setpoints temperature percentage,  below is a real life example encountered by our experts. 

NOTE: The following is an illustrative example highlighting adjustments based on the scenario below. Do not apply these settings to your oven directly. Instead, adjust your setpoints based on the actual outcomes observed in your oven, ensuring optimal results for your specific baking requirements and environment.

"We had just finished our very first test bake and we noticed some temperature discrepancies within the oven: 

After noticing the temperature difference, we decided to make a series of adjustments to the oven setpoints:

Deck 1 Adjustment: Since the top deck was too hot, we decided to reduce its temperature by 5%. (Previous setting was 0.0%, adjusted setting is -5.0%)

Deck 2 Adjustment: To increase the temperature on the middle deck and ensure proper baking, we increased its setpoint by 2%. (Previous setting was 0.0%, adjusted setting is +2.0%)

Deck 3 Adjustment: The bottom deck, which was also too hot, required a temperature reduction to prevent further burning of the loaf bases. We decided to decrease the setpoint for Deck 3 by 5% to achieve a more balanced heat distribution. (Previous setting was 0.0%, adjusted setting is -5.0%)

Bottom Stone Percentage Adjustment: Since the bottoms of the loaves that were baked on our bottom deck were burning, we decided to reduce the “Bottom Stone %” to 70%, as opposed to its default value of 75%. This adjustment will lower the bottom stone’s temperature slightly and help avoid burning the bottoms of our loaves baking on that deck".

To summarize, if your deck is too hot, causing the loaves to slightly burn, then you need to lower the deck percentage. If the deck is not hot enough, resulting in under-baked or unevenly baked items, then you should increase your deck percentage.

Adjusting the oven setpoints is a crucial step in achieving the perfect bake. By identifying specific issues during a test bake and making targeted modifications, we can significantly improve the quality of our baked goods. The optimal setpoints may vary depending on the environment your oven is in and your personal preferences. It's important to conduct test bakes, monitor the results, and make gradual adjustments to fine-tune your oven's performance.

By mastering the art of adjusting oven setpoints, you'll be well on your way to baking delectable treats with consistent quality and perfect browning.

Happy baking!

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