How it started

What do film cameras and sourdough have in common? More than you’d think.

Stijn Vanorbeek’s first major venture had little to do with bread. A computer engineer and film school nerd, Stijn began his career designing robotic camera control systems for the film industry. His technology graced the sets of major Hollywood productions such as Harry Potter and James Bond. The company earned great success, and was even Under Consideration for an Oscar.

But by early 2020, something still felt missing for Stijn. His upbringing in a small agricultural town in Belgium had planted the seed of another love early on in his life: a love for food. As the pandemic hit, a renewed interest in baking rose around the country as people sought solace, creativity, and connection within their homes. We were all reminded what baking could really be – or rather, what it always had been: not just a hobby, but a therapeutic outlet – a way to find comfort and joy amidst uncertainty, and above all, a timeless way to bring communities together.

Marrying traditional baking techniques with cutting-edge technology, Simply Bread is the embodiment of Stijn’s return to his roots: a foodie’s lifelong love for breadmaking, paired with a tinkerer’s relentless drive for innovation. It’s through that unique lens that we’re proud to power the next generation of breadmakers.